Privacy Policy

Loeser, Blanchet e Hadad (LBH)’s website allows users to input private information, including name and contact email, through the “Contact us” section. Our privacy policy specifies the measures we have taken to ensure that the privacy of information provided to us.

The Privacy Policy is design to provide LBH website users information on the policies and practices for safeguarding personal information input through the website. If you have any doubts about our privacy policies and practices, please advise us of your concerns by using the “Contact us” section.

Information collected and obtained by the LBH’s website via the “Contact us” forms does not permit personal identification to be linked to usernames. Only the user’s name and email provided as personal information can be tied to an individual. This information is collected and retained by the website.

Other information collected or categorized by the LBH’s website does not identify personal data of the related users upon accessing to the website. Such information includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address, with which users are able to access the Internet, as well as the domain’s name, which consists of the computer’s ISP name used to access the Internet.

The LBH’s website categorizes IP addresses and domain names for the purposes of system management and website monitoring. This information tracks the number of visits to the website, the average time spent and other statistical data related to website content access. This monitoring enables us to assess how our website is used and continuously improve its content. The website retains no links of IP addresses or domain names and other private information; despite visitor sessions being tracked by our servers, visitors can rest assured that their privacy is maintained.

LBH uses information provided via the “Contact Us” section exclusively to answer questions or respond to comments made by users. Information obtained via the website will never be shared with third parties.

LBH may amend its website’s Privacy Policy at any time and for any purposes.

LBH website’s Security Policy

As disclosed in the website’s “Conditions of Use”, LBH’s website is provided for information purposes only. Therefore, a secure connection is not required as content includes no pages or tools requiring security of access.

Although all information provided via the “Contact Us” section is directly transmitted to our internal server for processing and registration, LBH takes a number of measures to protect information sent by users while stored on LBH’s servers, such as:

• using a “firewall” to protect onsite computerized systems and stored private information. A “firewall” consists of a barrier to impede unauthorized user access to our systems;

• monitoring of system logs to identify irregular activity by users when accessing the “website”, such as: changing website configurations or content, etc.; and

• systems data located in restricted access facilities in order to protect user private information from unauthorized access.

LBH may amend its website’s Security Policy at any time and for any purposes.