Loeser, Blanchet e Hadad Advogados launches its new website

Following the launch of its new brand in early 2020, LBH has revamped its website.


Our firm has rapidly evolved and our new website is a mark of our success. ‘Detailed studies and assessments over the last months have supported this satisfying outcome’, says Richard Blanchet, partner at Loeser, Blanchet e Hadad Advogados. He adds: ‘In addition to looking at improvements and innovations, we also benchmarked against websites abroad to identify sector best practices, creating an environment that promotes creativity and innovation.’

The project was coordinated with Marcel Hiratsuka, LBH’s Institutional Relations manager. ‘We invested heavily in researching and discussing the ideal functional tool offering a one-of-a-kind experience to our users, before reaching a consensus’, says Marcel.

To achieve the final product, with user-friendly dropdown menus and easy access to content with click/ share/ print capabilities, was not easy. ‘Creating such a comprehensive and complex framework with the appearance to users of a simple, clean website displaying a modern design, was quite a challenge’, explains Alexandre Muta, partner at Unitri, the communication and design office responsible for the project’s development.

‘We were given a unique mandate and the results were rewarding. By exploring usability and interactivity, we were able to create many new resources to provide access and support to multiple devices, such as notebooks, tablets, or smartphones, in different formats – texts, audios, videos, pictures, and podcasts. The end product encouraged an environment conducive to sharing’, Muta adds.

‘To be able to receive our clients in a sharp, user-friendly environment, displaying up to date relevant content, including news, bulletins, articles, notes and interesting events was our primary purpose. We strive to always provide a warm welcome to our visiting clients, across all media, exceeding expectations with enthusiasm’, affirms Richard Blanchet.

Publication Date

20 de July de 2020